Rev. Jesse Jackson speaks out against Issue 2

Jesse Jackson speaks out against issue 2 during an event at the University of Toledo / Tim Wening

The fight to defeat issue 2 got a big push from a famous face on Wednesday.

Just days before the controversial collective bargaining law goes before voters on November 8th, Reverend Jesse Jackson made an appearance at an anti-Issue 2 rally at the University of Toledo.

Jackson, a well-known civil rights activist, was invited to speak at the event by the UT chapter of the American Association of University Professors.

According to The Blade, the organization is the union that represents faculty members on campus.

At the rally, Jackson encouraged those in attendance to vote no on Issue 2.

"Police, teachers, firemen...should have the right to collectively bargain, to share burden and share responsibilities. After all, this land is our land. We should not live under the dictation, profits first and people last. Collective bargaining is the American way," Jackson said.

The Reverend also spoke with the press, at length, about the "economic exploitation" of American workers being protested at "Occupy" rallies across the country.