$10.5 million TPS school cuts ribbon for grand opening

Principal Yolanda Johnson joins 5th-grade student Davon Jude in a ribbon-cutting to officially open the new Longfellow Elementary School.

Students, parents and administrators joined together Tuesday evening at the open-house and official grand opening of Longfellow Elementary School.

Principal Yolanda Johnson and a student choral group welcomed the "Tiger Pride" faithful to the new 70,168 square foot facility. "We're really close-knit with our parents and our students, so we're really excited to share in this great day with them," Johnson said.

The $10.5 million school boasts state-of-the-art technology such as a computer lab, air conditioning, gym, cafeteria and a host of academic programs as a member of the START Learning Community. Construction costs were covered by the Ohio School Facilities Commission and a bond issue that was approved by Toledo voters in 2002. "We're excited about the new opportunities we have to grow here at our new building," Johnson added.

TPS Board of Education members joined 5th-grade student Davon Jude in a ribbon-cutting that concluded the program. Jude was chosen for the honors because of his academic achievements and positive relationships with peers. He called the experience, "the biggest day that I got to do something really special." He joked about the giant sheers, "I've never seen scissors like that before, so that was fun!"

Pickett Academy is set to open in a ceremony Wednesday starting at 5:30 p.m. The $7.5 million school is the last of the two new TPS schools to open funded by the Building for Success initiative. Pickett is a member of the Scott Learning Community.

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