12-year-old boy killed by train in Findlay

Portage Twp.., OH - Sunday morning, 12-year-old Hu Sein, 13-year-old Nohah Lan, and 15-year-old Sa Bee were reported to the Fort Wayne Police Department in Indiana as runaways.

The juveniles reportedly boarded a train car and rode it until it reached the Fostoria area," says Matt Kinsinger, with the Hancock County Sheriff's Office.

The teens are said to have boarded the train some time after three in the morning, and after riding nearly 100 miles, they got off and began walking West along the tracks, back the way they had just come.

Kinsinger says, "They had walked a considerable distance, and Hu Sein had laid on the tracks to rest."

Shortly before 3 P.M., a Norfolk Southern train carrying 52 cars of coal hit the 12-year-old boy who was lying on the tracks, killing him.

The children had been walking for miles on the rough tracks, and according to the other two, Sein laid down because he was very tired of walking, and had stayed there while they went to get assistance.

Police say Sein may have fallen asleep due to possible dehydration. The high temperature was 77 degrees Sunday afternoon.

The 13 and 15 year old told authorities they had made no real plan.

"With them walking on the tracks and not really knowing the area they were at, they had indicated they wanted to walk back home. That they wanted to go home." says Kinsinger.

Trains typically sound a horn before going through any intersection, however the location where Sein was killed is hundreds of yards from the nearest signal.

The 13-year-old and 15-year-old were returned to Fort Wayne and released to their families.