15 people die each day in distracted driving related car crashes

According to the Centers for Disease Control 15 people are killed each day in the United States in car crashes linked to distracted driving. Additionally, 1,200 people are injured each day in crashes involving a distracted driver. While some states and cities have enacted bans on texting while driving, support for total cell phone bans in cars does not enjoy widespread support.

Betsy Printz, a graduate student at the University of Findlay, no longer takes her cell phone when she drives. "A while ago I was driving and texting and I had to swerve and I said to myself, 'What I am doing?'" she said.

Printz agrees that people should not drive or text while driving, but she does not support a government ban. "Overall it would be good, calling or using Blue Tooth is better than texting, but if it came down to a vote on a total cell phone ban, it would be no."

The most recent figures from the Centers for Disease Control indicate that 5,400 people died in car crashes in 2009 in which distracted driving was determined to be a factor. Additionally, 448,000 people were injured in the United States in 2009 in distracted driving related crashes.