180th Fighter Wing members return home

Local Air National Guard officials and family members of deployed airmen gathered, complete with welcome home signs, in the terminal at Toledo Express Airport Wednesday afternoon to welcome five members back from Jordan.

The five members of the 180th Fighter Wing were met with a little surprise when they came off the plane.

"I knew my wife and kids would be here, but I didn't know my parents or you guys[media] would be here though," says Airman Nathan Abbott.

Nathan's father, Bob Abbott, is a Vietnam veteran. He says he is proud that his son chose a career in the military, but never pushed towards that coarse.

"I kinda lay out the pluses and minuses and of certain things, and let him decide what he's gonna do," says Bob Abbott.

With the threat of war virtually everywhere in the Middle East, Nathan Abbott says it's just part of his job.

Abbott says, "That's what I'm here for if my country calls on me. I'll always raise my hand and go to where they need me."

Nathan has been deployed three times, most recently in Muwaffaq Salti AB, in Azraq, Jordan.

The return flight from Jordan was lengthy.

"I flew all day yesterday into Sioux Falls, SD. Then flew from Sioux Falls to here[Toledo] today," says Abbott.

But he says it was easier knowing what was waiting at the other end.

"I plan on relaxing and eating some good food. The food over there was not so good," he says.

A cookout was already planned by Nathan's family. Nathan's father is just waiting for one last thing... football.

"The Browns are on Sunday. So that'll be a good day," says Bob Abbott.

And as of now, Nathan has no orders to be deployed again. He's just glad to be home.

On Sunday, the 180th is having a formal welcome home party for the five men who arrived home Wednesday, as well as the 200-plus men who returned in August.