$1.84 Toledo gas promotion ends in cops being called

According to a witness, no one that came to the BP gas station at 1965 Byrne Road on Thursday afternoon to fill up for a promotional price of $1.84 per gallon was able to fill-up at the discounted rate.

In fact, Toledo Police arrived on the scene after a traffic issues arose due to the high volume of drivers seeking the deal.

Officers even ordered drivers to leave the area because it was so congested.

Even those first in line, however, were not able to take advantage of the promotion.

A witness said the station operator claimed the pumps could not handle the demand and instead offered $25.00 BP gift cards to the first 100 customers.

Earlier this week,

NewsTalk 1370 WSPD


Gas Can Man

issued a press release that announced the pair was "cutting the price of gasoline to the January, 2009 price of $1.84 at 4 pm Thursday October 11th for 100 lucky drivers at a gas station location in Toledo".

Around 3 p.m., the specific location of the gas station was announced during the Brian Wilson show on 1370 WSPD.

â??High gas prices have been one of the main topics of concern that our listeners have expressed in the last few months and we are going to do something about it for one morning for 150 of our neighbors,â?? NewsTalk 1370 WSPD afternoon host Brian Wilson said in the release.

The promotion stated that the first 100 drivers who arrived at the location, after the announcement Thursday afternoon, would have the opportunity to purchase a maximum of 15 gallons of regular unleaded fuel at the â??rollbackâ?? price of $1.84.