2 homes engulfed in flames Wednesday morning

Crews are battling a fire on Pleasant Place on second floor of a vacant home.

Toledo firefighters are battling two fires that broke out early Wednesday morning.

Authorities said one of the fires happened just around midnight in the block of 1100 Avondale. A fire started in one house but the flames quickly spread to one of the neighbor's house. Two families are left without homes and remain unharmed. Officials estimate the fire caused about $20,000 worth of damage.

Fire officials said an unidentified woman was watching TV when a mixture of chemicals was thrown into the house, starting the fire. Crews later discovered a gas can in the back yard that was used to pour gasoline onto the front porch. The house did not have a smoke alarm. Officials have not identified a suspect.

The second house fire happened in the block of 600 Pleasant Place around 2 a.m. Damage estimates about $17,000 of an unoccupied home. Fire officials said it started on the second floor of the home. Authorities ruled the incident as an arson and investigating the cause.