2 Lake Twp officers cleared in Oct. shooting of murder suspect

Residents living in the apartment complex, where the shooting happened, look on as police investigate.

A Wood County Grand Jury has decided not to indict two Lake Township officers who shot at a murder suspect in 2012.

Wood County Prosecutor Paul Dobson made the announcement, this week, after the Grand Jury convened on Wednesday.

During their meeting, February 6th, the group heard testimony on the officer-involved shooting that lead to the death of Jorge Duran, Jr. on October 16th in Lake Township.

The decision means that no charges will be filed, regarding the shooting, against Officer Shannon Badgett and Sgt. Scott Sims.

"I am confident the Grand Jury made the right decision, as did the officers on the scene that night. The police were faced with a deadly situation when they encountered a man who would not comply with their orders and instead leveled a gun at them. They knew shots had already been fired and they knew people were injured. They acted in their own protection and in the protection of the public," Dobson said.

Immediately following the shooting it was determined that Duran had shot and killed his ex-girlfriend and child.

He was also named as the gunman who wounded three other people, including a man believed to be his ex-girlfriends new romantic interest, on the same day.

Since the shooting Sgt. Sims has returned to duty but Officer Shannon Badgett resigned.