2 newborn lemurs ready to meet fans at Toledo Zoo

Meet the newborn ring-tailed lemurs on March 30 at the Toledo Zoo.

After the tragic loss of a Kiwi chick earlier this week, the Toledo Zoo staff is happy to announce the birth of two ring-tailed lemurs.

The mothers are 6-year-old twin sisters, Fresca and Fanta. Frescaâ??s baby was born on March 20 and Fantaâ??s on March 27. The babiesâ?? genders are not yet known, but appear to be doing well, according to zoo staff.

Visitors will be able to ooh and ahh over the new babies at the Primate's Forest exhibit on March 30, pending the animals' continued good health.

According to the zoo, ring-tailed lemurs are members of the primate family, related to monkeys and apes. About the size of large domestic cats, they have piercing stares and distinctive ringed tails. These social, intelligent animals like to sunbathe and huddle together in â??lemur ballsâ?? to stay warm or maintain social bonds. They are also agile athletes and spend their time on the ground or in trees, easily moving from one to the other.