2 school buses involved in crashes in Oregon

School bus crash on Seaman Road near Wynn Road.

Two school buses were involved in separate crashes off Wynn Road in Oregon on Thursday morning--One on Seaman Road and the other near Starr Avenue.

In the crash on Seaman Road, a Clay High School representative told our reporter at the scene that the bus was full of 29 Clay High students. A car reportedly went left of center, crossed into oncoming traffic and hit the bus.

All walked off the bus, but 9 students and the driver of the other vehicle were taken to an area hospital, according to Oregon Fire Chief Ed Ellis. He confirmed none of the students were seriously injured, but one had an asthma attack during the crash. The driver of the other vehicle was also reportedly conscious and alert.

Further down the road around the same time as the first bus crash, authorities say a car hit an empty school bus. No one was hurt in the accident.