20 feet ordinance raises concerns with pro life supporters

Some of the text written in the Impeding Access to Healthcare ordinance proposed by Toledo City council (courtesy:NBC

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)--A new proposed ordinance has reproductive health groups up in arms.

It's called the Impeding Access to Healthcare ordinance and was introduced by Toledo City Council President Steven Steel on Tuesday.

The proposed ordinance would prohibit anyone physically obstructing or blocking another person from entering or exiting a facility within 20 feet of the building.

If found guilty, violators could receive a misdemeanor charge of the first degrees-- meaning fines and jail time, a harsher punishment than what stands now.

The ordinance has met some opposition. Local pro life group Greater Toledo Right to Life Executive Director Ed Sitter says it's unfair and targets pro-life groups.

The ordinance will go before council at Tuesday's meeting.

Select committees will then hold a public hearing.

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