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      $2.4 billion capital bill clears Ohio Legislature

      A nearly $2.4 billion state construction budget that funds an array of community, school and park projects has cleared the Ohio Legislature.

      The Senate approved the bill on a 30-1 vote. Gov. John Kasich signed it late Tuesday.

      The proposal directs $675 million toward primary and secondary schools and roughly $455 million toward public colleges and universities for repairs and new buildings.

      Local road, bridge, sewer and other infrastructure projects would get $369 million. Another $574 million goes for maintenance, renovation and other projects at state-owned facilities, including parks and prisons. An additional $100 million goes to the Clean Ohio preservation program.

      The proposal includes about $160 million in community projects.

      Kasich's administration estimates that projects funded under the bill would create 31,000 jobs over several years.