245 jobs in jeopardy: MedCorp EMS in Toledo closes overnight

MedCorp EMS ceased operations Friday evening.

Late Friday, a source called WNWO to report that the company MedCorp EMS was closing its Toledo office and letting workers go.

Saturday morning, a company operator who was answering their "emergency line" said that the Toledo business ceased operations at 8 p.m. on Friday but wouldn't comment further.

According to the Better Business Bureau website, MedCorp EMS employees around 275 people in Toledo and has been in business since 1986.

The company was sold to a New York private equity firm, Enhanced Equity Fund LP, in 2011 after experiencing financial difficulties.WNWO placed calls to all Enhanced Equity's listed numbers, on Friday night, and was unable to reach anyone at the company's east coast offices.

Websites for the MedCorp EMS in Toledo remained down on Saturday and have been since WNWO first checked around 10 p.m. on Friday night.

WNWO also went to the company's Toledo address, Friday night, and found the location was in a residential neighborhood and lacked any noticeable signage.

Our reporter was, therefore, unable to make contact with anyone at the company's listed address.

The caller, who notified WNWO of the closure, said the decision was the result of a bankruptcy filing but WNWO has been unable to confirm that report.

At this point it is unclear if MedCorp EMS's Toledo office is the only branch of the business impacted.

Stay tuned to WNWO over the weekend as we investigate this report.