25 animals rescued from Toledo home 'In good health'

      <font size="2">Although three of the cats are pregnant, the animals appear to be in good health.</font>

      The Toledo Area Humane Society has some new residents, after more than two dozen animals were rescued from a Toledo home on Friday.

      It took TAHS agents nearly three hours to remove 19 dogs and 6 cats from the residence on Portsmouth Avenue after a neighbor complained of a putrid stench and animal overpopulation at the home. That same neighbor described the homeâ??s owner as an â??animal hoarderâ?? and had recently moved back into the residence after spending the winter elsewhere.

      According to officials with TAHS, most of the animals lacked proper documentation and immunizations. Although three of the cats are pregnant, the animals appear to be in good health.

      â??Generally they look fine,â?? said Kadee Foote, TAHS Adoption Supervisor. â??Thereâ??s some scratches and stuff like that but theyâ??re in general good health.â??

      The dogs and cats are not yet up for adoption, as TAHS continues to investigate the case and who are the legal owners of the animals. TAHS officials expect to speak with the homeowner on Monday.