25 years and still waiting for development of Steam Plant

Under the rain clouds today, next to the Maumee River sits the old Toledo Edison Steam Plant where it has sat unused and empty since 1985, but in 2005, then Mayor Jack Ford made a controversial move basically giving the property to Toledo developer David Ball and his business partner Jimmy Jackson.

With big plans for Ball and Jackson to renovate the space into luxury condos, all eyes were on them, but still the building sat.

Since then the property has seen two other mayors, Carty Finkbeiner who filed a law suit against Ball for not following through with development plans and then current Mayor Mike Bell who in January of 2010 pulled the city out of that lawsuit.

Toledo City Councilman D. Michael Collins says he had a conversation with Ball in June where Ball said he would be open to the possibility of giving the property back to the city.

If he could get what capital outlay they had placed on the property back, he would then walk away from it and return it back to the city of Toledo, said Collins.

Ball admits to the conversation with Collins, but adds the talks never fully developed.

He says intends to keep the property and start development when he feels the housing market is more stable.

"We are committed to this project. We continue to work on it on a daily basis and we are going to get it right when the timing is right, said Ball

And so the old Edison Steam Plant still sits, full of potential, but surrounded by weeds.