29-year-old man dies from ''in all likelihood'' case of flu

Eric Sherman, Jr.

TOLEDO- Lucas County Health officials are saying the death of a 29-year-old man is "presumptively an influenza death."

This means the health department could see its fifth death among the 77 hospitalized cases due to the flu in the last two months.

The death of Eric Sherman, Jr. has been categorized under "presumptive deaths," as listed on the health department's web site until a physician issues a death certificate.

The public is urged to get the flu vaccine. Lucas County Health Commissioner Dr. David Grossman says although the flu vaccine has a proven 51 percent effectiveness rate, he says those who have been immunized experience less severe symptoms of the flu.

Dr. Grossman says all of the deaths so far in Lucas County have been people who did not receive the flu shot.


Lucas County confirms two flu-related deaths in recent weeks

The Lenawee County Health Department reported last week almost 500 flu-reported cases, including 39 lab-confirmed cases.

The flu season is far-reaching, beyond the typical demographics who have a high risk of getting it.

"This year's flu is affecting the 18-59-year-old group particularly hard, including those who are healthy and active," the Lenawee Health Department said in a statement.

Not all counties are experiencing this abnormal spike in reports.

Wood County Health Department said their 52 cases this year is at an expected level.

The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department will hold a flu vaccine clinic on Saturday, January 25 from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m., 635 N. Erie St. in downtown Toledo. The adult flu-shot costs $30.