3 men rescued from Sandusky River listed in stable condition

Three men rescued Monday night after plunging into the Sandusky River are listed in stable condition.

Ballville Assistant Fire Chief William Lagrou said the three had been canoeing when it flipped over.

Fremont Police assisted in the rescue and spotted Eric Hottinger, 24, and Kyle Whitright, 24, in the water near River Cliff Golff Course. Authorities used a rope to help the two pull themselves out of the water.

The third victim, Matthew Miller, 23, had been swept by the waterâ??s current and traveled further down before getting stuck by a small tree. Thatâ??s when Ballville authorities used a boat to rescue him. Miller was sent to the hospital for a mild case of hypothermia.

Authorities warn of the fast water current during spring and summer, especially after periods of heavy rainfall.