3 people arrested, facing felony charges in drug bust

3 arrested face several felony charges of drug trafficking and possession.

Detectives of Hancock County have arrested 3 people who face felony charges for drug trafficking and drug possession.

Hancock County METRICH Drug Task Force obtained a search warrant to enter a residence located on 204 Durrell St. It happened Tuesday around 4 a.m..

Officials confiscated 19 grams of heroin, 11 grams of cocaine, about 300 grams of marijuana, prescription drugs, money, and drug paraphernalia.

Those arrested include: Michael R. Hawrylak, 29, of Findlay, Matthew L. Sims, 32, of Findlay,and Amber Dargartz, 18, of Findlay.

They are kept at the Hancock County Justice Center. Officials said additional charges are expected upon further