3 semis slid off roads in Perkins Twp.

Ambulance vehicles were sent to a crash involving three semis early Tuesday morning.

UPDATE: State Route 2 is reopened after closing several hours due to three semis sliding off the roads early Tuesday morning.

Ohio Department of Transportation released a statement shortly after 8 a.m. The update indicates State Route 2 eastbound between SR 101 and SR 4 will close 8:30 a.m. for about four hours to cleanup the scene.

Ohio State Highway Patrol said the crashes happened around 12:30 a.m.

The first semi traveling in the eastbound lane slid off the north side of the road into a small stream. The driver of that vehicle was sent to the hospital by life flight.

A second semi traveling on the same eastbound lane was also seen sliding off the road, where it went into the median and struck a guard rail about 200 yards from the first crash. The driver was not injured in the crash.

As first responders were on the scene of the second crash, the third semi slid off the south side of State Route 2 into an embankment and jack-knifed before it stopped. The driver was sent to the hospital at Fireland's Medical center.

Officials have not released the name of the drivers.

Drivers were asked to take the the following detours: State Route 101 south to Castalia; SR 269 south to Bellevue; U.S. Route 20 east to SR 113; SR 113 northeast to SR 4; SR 4 north to SR 2.