3-year-old wanders from daycare, onto Perrysburg streets

A child is safe after being found wandering away from his daycare and along a busy Perrysburg road alone Friday morning.

Perrysburg Police say that late Friday morning they received several 9-1-1 calls, around 10:27 a.m., stating a 3-4 year old boy was running along Louisiana Ave. toward Eckel Junction Road. The boy, who was not in distress, did not respond to sound and was autistic, according to a police report.

A caller followed the boy until police were able to catch up to them, at which point the boy was taken into protective custody by the police.

Shortly afterwards, around 10:50 a.m., officers checked with the YMCA Adventure Center, a daycare located at 210 E. South Boundary, to see if they were missing a child. The center confirmed that they were searching for a child that matched the description of the boy found wandering on the street.

The childâ??s father was notified and took custody of his son at the Perrysburg Police station. He told police he was grateful that his son was not harmed, but said he was in shock as to why his son was off YMCA property by himself.

According to the report filed by police, when officers questioned the YMCA as to why they were not notified within the 23 minutes of a missing child, they stated that they knew one of the callers who had reported a boy wandering on the street. Officers informed the daycare workers that they should also call authorities when a child is missing.