5-year-old banned from school over hairstyle

This 5-year-old boy was sent home because his haircut was causing a big distraction in class.

A kindergartner's new mohawk haircut landed him in hot water at his school in Ohio.

The 5-year-old boy was sent home this past week because school officials near Springfield say his haircut was causing a big distraction in class.

Clark Shawnee School District officials told Castle that her son's hair caused such a disturbance that his teacher couldn't get the attention of the students.

Superintendent Gregg Morris tells the Dayton Daily News that the hairstyle violates district rules. But the boy's suspension comes after the district's volunteer football coach sported a blond Mohawk in 2011 and 2009 to motivate the team. Morris told the media the two situations did not compare because one involved an extracurricular event and the other was a distraction to the classroom.

The boy's mom says he'll return to class with a shaved head.

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