530 jobs could come to the area

The Lenawee Stamping Corporation is set to receive a $5.3 million grant from the State of Michigan.

"We've been making reforms over the past two years that are starting to turn the state around economically. And this is just one of the ways that things are starting to look better," says Michigan's 57th District Representative Nancy Jenkins.

The grant is reportedly going to be used to supplement a $30.7 million project investment, and is projected to add 530 jobs in the process.

"Businesses are starting to come into the state and starting to invest here. And the fact that the company wants to invest here in Michigan is good news for all of us," says Jenkins.

She believes the expansion will start in her own back yard of Tecumseh, Michigan.

"They will be doing that right here in Lenawee County. And it sounds like they'll be building another plant here in the state as well," she says.

However, WNWO's Chris Delcamp placed numerous calls to the stamping company, and their parent company, Van Rob Inc. and receiving no reply. After visiting the plant, located just North of the Ohio/Michigan border, waiting in the lobby for about an hour, an human resources manager informed us that no one would be able to speak about the grant at this time.

He also said that the grant was open to the entire state, and didn't necessarily mean the expansion would be in the area.

So unfortunately, whether or not the 530 jobs will come to the Southest Michigan, Northwest Ohio area remains to be seen. At least until we receive a call back from any representative of the company.