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      700-pound man's plea for help goes viral

      "This is my last chance, my last hope... I'm really scared that I'm not going to be able to watch my niece and my nephew grow up."

      In a final attempt to lose weight, a 23-year-old man topping the scales at 700 pounds uploaded a video to YouTube asking for help. Robert Gibbs says he's been obese his whole life and doesn't know where else to turn.

      "I'm making this video because I don't know what else to do," he said. "I've tried losing weight on my own, tried doing everything possible. Been on diets. Been hospitalized... I would just gain the weight back."

      In just one day, the video became a YouTube sensation and garnered 200,000 views. The Huffington Post reports spokespeople from Dr. Phil and The Biggest Loser have now reached out to the 23-year-old.

      "I'm getting the exposure I needed," Gibbs told KCBS. "I better start getting ready for the tornado thatâ??s about to become my life. I guess it is a good birthday for me."