73 veteran Toledo Jeep workers losing jobs

Changes coming to the Jeep paint facility in North Toledo.

Dozens of employees at the Toledo Wrangler paint facility will soon be out of work as Chrysler takes control.

The layoffs come as Chrysler brings to an end its process of using veteran Jeep workers recruited to retire to operate the paint facility. 73 workers will be let go on Friday after the facility is taken over by Chrysler.

Employees and representatives from UAW Local 12 are frustrated with the move. Union President Bruce Baumhower described the move as a betrayal to loyal workers. "These people that just got fired...they were there when Chrysler brought it from American Motors in 1987, and for five years in a row they won the Lee Ioccoca Award for the best Chrysler plant."

Those affected began working at the paint shop after retiring from Chrysler. New workers will be hired in at lower wages. Wrangler production will not be affected.

Baumhower has said Chrysler is unwilling to speak with the union and that relations going forward have been strained.