73-year old man beaten to death inside west Toledo home

A 73-year old man was found dead in his home Tuesday in west Toledo. (Jim Nelson/WNWO).

The death of a man found inside a home Tuesday in west Toledo has been ruled a homicide.

Police say Walter Sites, 73, was beaten to death -- he was found inside a home on the 4200 block of Packard Road.

"That's basically all we know right now," said Sgt. Kevan Toney, a spokesman for the Toledo Police Department.

Toney said police were sent to the house to check on Sites' well-being.

"I believe (the caller) was a friend," Toney said.

According to county records, Sites was the owner of the home.

The Lucas County Coroner's Office ruled the death a homicide, saying Sites was hit several times in the head with a blunt object.

"It's really sad for the community anytime there's a shooting, homicide or any violent offense," Toney says.

Neighbors, who did not want to appear on camera are puzzled. One told NBC 24 that rumors are swirling in regard to the circumstances leading up to the incident.

But police aren't revealing any potential motive.

"The investigators are working on all the leads right now and doing their best to follow up on everything," Toney said, before being asked if any leads have come up. "They are tracking them down."

There were no visible signs of forced entry to the home on Wednesday but Sgt. Toney says detectives are looking into all possibilities.

"The Investigative Services division works very hard on all these cases so they're doing their thing right now."

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