9-1-1 call made in Perrysburg murder released

There were significant developments Tuesday in relation to the shooting death on Sunday morning of 21-year-old Leandra Frankum of Perrysburg. Her alleged killer, 23-year-old Jose Moya, surrendered to police in Toledo. He was taken to a hospital in Toledo to be treated for the injury to his hand sustained during Sunday's incident. Additionally Perrysburg Township Police released the 9-1-1 call made by a friend of Leandra's shortly after she was shot.

When the 9-1-1 dispatcher asked if Frankum was still breathing the caller replied: "She's barely breathing...come on Leandra, stay with us man". Seconds later the next door neighbor gets on the phone with the dispatcher. The dispatcher asks again if Frankum is breathing. The caller responds : "It doesn't look like she is; she is turning blue". The dispatcher then asks where was Frankum shot. The caller responds : "It looks like the head..oh my God Leandra...Leandra, oh my God". The dispatcher then asks what happened. The neighbor responds: "There was a fight over here and two guys came running out...she was having a fight with her boyfriend".

The caller was referring to Jose Moya. The pair have an 8 month old child together. Frankum is dead; Moya is in police custody charged with murder.