9 year old hit in drive-by shooting

The girl was injured when bullets entered the wall of her bedroom and hit her once in the leg.

A board covers the front window of 18 E. Streicher St. where the bullet entered from a drive-by shooting just before midnight Wednesday.

Multiple bullets were fired into the residence. One shot struck a 9-year-old girl in the leg. She was sleeping in the front bedroom of the house.

"We heard five gun shots. We hit the floor and turned out the lights," recalls a neighbor.

Witnesses say the police were on the scene within minutes. They watched as the young girl was carried out of the house on a stretcher.

"When they brought her out on a stretcher, carried her out, it was like oh my gosh, is she dead? But she wasn't dead. She was alert. They set her up so she wasn't laid back," explained the neighbor, who did want to be identified.

WNWO was told that there have not been incidents in the immediate vicinity in the past, but police are often getting called to the blocks surrounding this one.

The neighbors describe the young girl as sweet and energetic.

"She's always running up and down the block, playing, laughing. She's a good kid. [She] doesn't get into any trouble," says the neighbor.

She was taken to the hospital with what are reported to be non-life threatening injuries.