911 calls reveal mother's concern in Springfield Twp. double homicide

Johnny Clarke and Lisa Straub in an image obtained from Straub's Facebook page.

It is truly a mother's worst nightmare: a son and his girlfriend found tied up and murdered in their home.

WNWO has the 911 tapes of 21-year-old Johnny Clarke's mother slowly realizing that nightmare early Monday morning.

It i s difficult to listen to but it does shed new light on the crime.

Click on the video link above to listen to the full 911 conversation.

Dispatcher: "T oledo 911. "

Johnny's Mother: "M a'am, my heart is beating out of my chest I just got a call from one of my son's friends... This girl says she was on the phone with my son and his girlfriend and he was supposed to go pick her up. He was telling her he was going out the door and all she heard was the phone drop and heard my son saying in the background, 'Who are you, what do you want, what are you doing here?" and she said she just drove by the house and the house looked ransacked. All the lights are on, my son's not answering and neither is his girlfriend."

O fficers were sent out to the Springfield Township home owned by the parents of Johnny's girlfriend 20-year-old Lisa Straub but they did not find anything suspicious outside and did not enter the home.

F rustrated , J ohnny's mom calls again.

Dispatcher: "S heriff's office. "

Johnny's Mother: "L isten ma'am, I am a concerned mother... They're not there and her car is in the driveway. I want to know where my son's at."

Dispatcher: "Ok . "

Johnny's Mother: "I want to know where my son and his girlfriend are at. I want to know if they got abducted by whoever tried to assault them and rob them."

A t this point , law enforcement can not be sure if this is a true crime or just a worried parent but Johnny's mother is going with her gut.

Dispatcher: "L ike I said, we were out there, there was nothing going on there."

Johnny's Mother: "O k, where is my son and his girlfriend and her car's in the driveway ?"

Dispatcher: "H ow would I know that, ma'am?"

Johnny's Mother: "I need to report my son missing. "

U nfortunately , her gut was right. The parents eventually broke down the door and found a horrific scene as is soon reported to detectives.

Dispatcher to detective: "B asically we've had a few calls from this lady tonight concerned about her son. Finally we just got a call, she's seen them tied up in the basement and as far as we know one person is dead right now."

I t would turn out both Johnny and Lisa were killed.

T he detective asked the dispatcher if this appeared to be a suicide and she said no but some sort of kidnapping or robbery.

P olice have not yet identified any suspects.

I f you know anything , call Crimestoppers at (419) 255-1111.