911 tape released in shooting

The chilling 911 tape was the result of Jorge Duran opening fire on who neighbors identify as Steve Brown.

Brown lives at a Northwood townhome with his parentsand is said to be the new boyfriend of Duran's ex-girlfriend Amber Jones.

"I heard someone yell, 'I'm gonna mess you up for messing with my wife and son. Then i heard two gunshots and that's when i called 911," says neighbor Jennifer Maenle.

Duran had reportedly shot Steve Brown, his mother Janet Brown, and his mother's fiance.

The three victims who lived in the townhouse were said to have lived through the ordeal, however the three-year-old son of Jorge Duran was killed during the shooting.

After the shooting, police went to the apartment Duran's estranged girlfriend Amber Jones, who lived just a few hundred yards away. When they entered her residence, they found that she had already been killed.

Jorge Duran allegedly shot police when they arrived on scene. The officers on scene shot and killed Duran during the exchange.