A creepy-crawler day at the Toledo Zoo

A Mexican redknee tarantula

Saturday, August 31, the Toledo Zoo held a special day for zoo-goers to learn and interact with all kinds of bugs at the Butterfly and Bug Festival at the Toledo Zoo.

Mark Berman, the Bug Man, the owner of Bugman Educational Entoprises, had many insects on display inside Natures Neighborhood, including scorpions, praying mantis and tarantulas was instructing many children and families.

â??I hope everybody learns to look again at the world around them,â?? Berman said. â??The definition of the word â??respectâ??â?? â??spectâ?? is to look, â??reâ?? is back or again. Respect means â??look again.â?? People who come to the Butterfly and Bug Festival, do not do anything except look again at the animals here, especially ones they are not sure of, the ones that they misunderstand.â??

There were many activities for children including butterfly crafts, creating their own floating insect and could release lady bugs.