A diabetic alert dog will be one girlâ??s best friend

A picture of Keona, the diabetic alert dog that will Ashley Kinstler with her diabetes.

A benefit was held at Vail Meadows Equestrian Center, in Oregon, to help raise funds for a diabetic alert dog or D.A.D, named Keona, that will assist Ashley Kinstler with her diabetes.

"The dog will be trained to check my blood sugar, when it is too low or too high and alert me so that I can check it before it gets to dangerous levels," Kinstler said.

For Ashley to own Keona, it will cost $15,000, but she has already raised $6,000 since April.

"It is going to completely change my life," Kinstler said. "It will help a lot with anxiety. I check my sugar a lot more than I should because I am constantly worried about it."

In addition to great food, people were also treated to raffles, live music and horse and carriage rides.