A Family House success story

The Family House shelter in central Toledo is the largest family shelter in the state of Ohio. In the years that have followed the onset of The Great Recession, the shelter has been the last resort for families who lost jobs and homes.

Rob and Jacqui Webber are one such family. In 2010, a medical emergency depleted the couple's savings and they were evicted from their home.

"We had to get out of our home and my husband looked in the phone book and found the number for Family House," Webber said.

Renee Palacios, Executive Director of Family House, says the couple was in a state of shock when they arrived.

"They worked so hard to keep it together and they were able to do so up until the last and when they arrived at Family House they said they wanted some seclusion and stayed in their room for a few days in tears," Ms. Palacios said.

With help from FOCUS (Family Outreach Community United Services) and Family House the Webber's were able to get their own apartment and both Rob and Jacqui are now enrolled at Owens Community College.

"I am a culinary major and my husband is a geography major and I am hoping to one day open my own deli or bakery," Webber said.

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