A message of hope found 500 miles away

J. Arnold pictures posted on Hope Takes Flight Facebook Page

Balloons launched to celebrate three Pioneer students that beat cancer have been recovered 500 miles away.

â??Hope Takes Flightâ?? was an event that honored
Alexis Flynn, Caden Baker, and Travis Turner. The event launched balloons with a message of good news with one simple request; â??Who found me? Please respondâ??.

Since the January 13th launch, several emails have been returned to sender. The most recent balloons were found in Owego, NY by a man only known as J. Arnold.

In a letter written by Mr. Arnold, shared with WNWO, he writes that the balloons were found in a field on his property.

â??This was one of the best surprises we've had in a long, long time,â?? wrote Mr. Arnold, â??The best part. My wife, Mrs. Arnold is also a cancer survivor.â??