A new salon and spa opens in Toledo

Nails being painted

Having been in the beauty industry for 31 years, Janet Harrington held the grand opening of her new salon and spa, called In Vision Spa and Salon, located at 4903 Dorr St., in the Library Plaza.

Harrington was born and raised in Toledo, but moved to Georgia where she opened her own salons. She expressed her excitement about returning to her hometown to open a new salon, saying, â??I am excited about the opportunity to open this salon in Toledo. I have opened three salons in Atlanta, Georgia, and the opportunity to come my birth place to open a salon is absolutely phenomenal.â??

Her new salon is a full-service salon, offering massage therapy, skin and body treatments, pedicures, manicures and hair styling. Harrington mentioned that she has always had a multi-cultural salon, where all nationalities can come together and be offered the services that the beauty industry engulfs.

â??We just wanted to bring to Toledo, some of what Atlanta offers,â?? Harrington said.