A new tax on Christmas trees

Christmas Tree Tradition / Courtesy KTVO-TV

As if this holiday season won't be hard enough on millions of Americans out of work or struggling in this economy, the federal government will impose a new 15-cent charge on all fresh Christmas trees. The "Christmas Tree Tax" will be used to support a federal program to improve the "image" of Christmas trees.

Talk about a punch to the gut of the already hurting middle class. How do you improve the image of the Chrsitmas tree? Is this a joke? Afraid not. The administration will form a Christmas Tree Promotion Board through fees charged to anyone who sells more than 500 Christmas trees per year. The sellers will have to ante up an additional 15-cents per Christmas tree so that the government can put a more positive spin on the beloved conifers.

If you asked for BIG government - you got it. Wonder what's next - the Easter Bunny... not lovable enough?

According to the Obama administration this "board" is to run a 'program of promotion, research, evaluation, and information designed to strengthen the Christmas tree industry TMs position in the marketplace." Strengthen it against who? Is this a design to put more people to work who manufacture man-made Christmas trees? How's that workin'?

Glad we're going after those fat-cats out there in the cold selling Christmas trees. Do we really need to take money from them and those of us who like a fresh Christmas tree for the holidays?

Acting administrator of Agricultural Marketing David Shipman claims the 15-cent mandatory Christmas tree fee is not a tax nor does it yield revenue for the Federal government. Really? Will the feds be collecting fees from Santa too - as NORAD tracks his sleighs movements around the globe on Christmas Eve. Just because this administration is going to impose the 15-cent fee on Christmas tree sellers doesn't mean that the extra fee's will have to be recoupt by those who buy right? Sure...

So glad our elected officials are tackling big issues that will help our ailing economy and the drowning middle-class. "Pass this bill now". Too late, already done. Merry Christmas!

If you don't believe this is really happening check out The Heritage