A Rossford Church celebrates 100 years

During the 100th anniversary celebration of St. Michaelâ??s Ukrainian Catholic Church

Rossfordâ??s St. Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Byzantine Rite celebrated its 100th anniversary Sunday. St. Michaelâ??s is located on 133 Walnut Street.

Rossford, Ohio was the epitome of the American melting pot, welcoming immigrants to its town, many from Eastern Europe, including the Ukraine.

Many Ukrainians settled here to work at the former Libbey Owens Ford Glass Company.

The first St. Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Catholic Church is Rossford was a wooden structure built and consecrated in 1912. Edward Ford donated the parcels of land to the church. Fr. George Krupa became the pastor in 1924.

St. Michaelâ??s is an Eastern Rite Catholic church which recognizes the authority of the Vatican and the Holy Father and is part of the Philadelphia See.

The Eastern Rite church follows the same doctrinal beliefs of the Latin Rite, but has a different liturgy, customs, church laws and traditions.

Throughout the years, parishioners formed a Ukrainian Dance Group which performed locally and at the Chicago Worldâ??s Fair. Ukrainian plays and concerts were plentiful as the church continued to grow.

The parish created a church youth group, hosted Monte Carlo nights, Friday fish fries and held a summer festival until the number of parishioners declined.

In 2000, the number of registered families stood at 39. While the number of parishioners has declined, the church remains a vibrant reminder of settling and growth of Ukrainian Catholics in Rossford and Northwest Ohio.