Accused puppy abandoner gets attorney, arraignment scheduled

Two of the six puppies abandoned in a zipped up suitcase.

The man accused of abandoning six puppies in a zipped up suitcase was granted a public defender during a hearing on Friday morning.

Howard Davis, 53, is charged with two counts of abandoning animals. He will be arraigned on Tuesday after consulting with his attorney.

If convicted, Davis faces 90 days in jail and a $750 maximum fine.

The puppies were found in an alley behind Stickney Avenue with their mother nearby.

"When he drove off I saw this female dog chase after him, but she gave up and then came back to the suitcase. I was curious and went over to the suitcase, opened it up and saw that there were six puppies inside," said Scott Snyder, who claims he saw Davis leave the suitcase.

John Dinon, Executive Director of the Toledo Area Humane Society, said the puppies could have suffocated had Snyder not acted as quickly as he did.