Active shooter, training to fight back

Before the shooting at Columbine, and even before the Newtown, CT massacre, the policy of an active shooter in a school was lockdown, if they had any plan at all. But now, in a post-Newtown world, policies are changing.

A video was recently released by a group in Texas named "Houston Ready."

It shows what to do in the case of an active shooter. The strategy uses three main points: run, hide, or the newest addition to this type of training, fight.

"They're going to get in. And if you have glass doors that are locked, they're still gonna get in. It's the pre-planning and the training that will help save lives," says William Wolfe PhD, of Herzing University.

Police proceedures have also changed. Formerly, officers waited for S.W.A.T. to arrive to gain entry. Now, it's moving to stop the threat as soon as possible.

"It's first there, first in. And you'll ask any policeman, it's kinda scary," says Wolfe.

It may be a scary prospect, but it is meant to save lives. And these plans, though started after a school shooting, can be used in almost any setting.

Running, or going on lockdown is still an important part of the training, but experts say you should have a plan in place for any scenario. And if the circumstances should call for it, be ready to fight back.

"There shouldn't be any hesitation. If you are in harms way, why wait," Wolfe says.

Procedures will continue to change in the near future because any event that may happen will be situational, and much of this training is relatively new. Officials will continue to update protocol as they learn more about the necessary techniques.

To watch the original video made by Houston Ready here