'Adrenaline junkie's paradise': Cedar Point voted America's favorite

Cedar Point is America's favorite, according to the Travel Channel.

America's roller coast is taking top honors yet again, this time being named America's favorite amusement park.

Less than a year after being named the best amusement park in the world at the annual Golden Ticket Awards, Cedar Point has been named the country's favorite park by the Travel Channel.

"Touting itself as the roller coaster capital of the world, Cedar Pointâ??s 17 coasters will ensure youâ??re riding all day," writes the Travel Channel. "Enthusiastic reader Alicia Goettemoeller describes the park as an 'adrenaline junkieâ??s paradise,' while reader Nick Schuyler says it is 'built for grown-up kids.'â??

The Travel Channel's Top 10 list was chosen by fans who were asked to name their favorite amusement or themed park.

King's Island, in Mason, Ohio, came in at No. 7 on the list.

Cedar Point took to Facebook Friday to thank their loyal fans for the honor.