Adrian teen pleads guilty to murder

A Lenawee County teen has pleaded guilty to killing her grandmother.

She TMs barley old enough to drive, but now 16-year old Kristina Adkins faces a life time behind bars.

Back in 2006 the then 13-year old used the powerful drug Morphine to poison her grandmother. Friday, she pleaded guilty to second degree murder, and possessing a controlled substance.

"I know she's in a better place now, but it just hurts to hear someone verbally say that they murdered her, Buzz Bentley-victim TMs husband.

Buzz Bentley and his wife, 53-year old Virginia, took Kristina in when the girl was just 8-months old.

She called her mom. That was her mom. She hadn't seen her mom since she was two. She called Ginny mom. So she murdered her mother as far as I'm concerned, "Beth"-Bentley family friend.

But Kristina TMs estranged biological mother alleges her daughter suffered physical and mental abuse at the hands of her grandparents.

"As far as I'm concerned, had Kristina not been patently kidnapped by her biological father and delivered to them like a piece of dirty laundry she wouldn't be in this situation today and Mrs. Bentley would not be dead, Tina Adkins-Kristina TMs biological mother.

Buzz Bentley vehemently denies the abuse allegations. He says Kristina was well taken care of and never wanted for anything. As for if he TMll ever be able to forgive the granddaughter he TMs helped raise since infancy.

"God wants me to forgive her and I'm sure Ginny does, but it's just hard to do right now, Buzz Bentley.

Kristina Adkins is scheduled to be sentenced October 31st. The poisoning charge carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. A judge will decided if the 16-year old will be sentenced as an adult, or apply a blended adult-juvenile penalty.