AFL-CIO leader tells crowd in Rossford middle class getting squeezed

Liz Shuler, Secretary-Treasurer of the national AFL-CIO, was in Toledo to attend several Labor Day events. After marching in the Labor Day parade in Toledo, Shuler attended a picnic held at the IBEW Local 8 headquarters in Rossford where she addressed union members and their families. "Workers are getting the short end of the stick; the middle class is getting squeezed," Ms. Shuler said.

Democratic State Senator Nina Turner(District 25) also spoke at the rally. She warned union workers that right to work proponents are renewing their efforts to drastically change state laws regarding unions. "We are here fighting for all workers because we know that in states where there are right to work laws, wagers are less; so we know that right to work for less does not work," Ms. Turner said.

Lucas County Auditor and Toledo mayoral candidate Anita Lopez was also in attendance and was endorsed by Shuler and Toledo city councilman Steve Steel.