After 2 reports of finding 'hair', Baby Elaina searchers comb bottom of Maumee River themselves

Andres Perez and another volunteers comb the bottom of the Maumee River for clues.

A new report has surfaced that another fisherman turned over a "clump of hair", to Toledo Police, that was allegedly retrieved from the water below the High Level Bridge.

The information is the latest in a series of potential leads in the case of missing 18-month-old Elaina Steinfurth, who disappeared from an East Toledo home on June 2nd.

In the weeks since Baby Elaina's disappearance, there have been several reports that her body may have been disposed of in the Maumee River near the High Level Bridge.

The latest fisherman, Greg Boswell, tells WNWO that he found the "hair" on June 23rd, almost a week before the Toledo Blade reported that another fisherman, named Patrick Howard, made a similar discovery.

Boswell said that after finding the "hair" he retrieved a clean bag from a local store, then turned his discovery over to a female Toledo Police officer.

Boswell said that the officer, and several other law enforcement officials, were near his fishing spot conducting a search for the missing toddler.

Boswell said the officer told him the discovery would be processed for DNA evidence.

According to the Toledo Blade, Toledo police have reportedly sent both items to labs for testing.

In light of the latest news, volunteer searchers began combing the bottom of the Maumee River using grapnel anchors to search for more evidence themselves.

"Basically we're hoping to come up with anything that's down at the bottom, any evidence or anything that's down there," volunteer searcher Andres Perez said.

Perez said that the anchors were purchased by Elaina's father, T.J. Steinfurth.

Unfortunately, so far, volunteers have not been as "lucky" at finding clues as the two unsuspecting fisherman that found "hair".

"We found some cloth, a couple of bottles tied together with sand in them, a bunch of logs," Perez said of what he and another searcher found on Tuesday. "It's stuff that could be useful but then could be junk in the river."

Perez adds that some of the anchors that were left in the water, overnight on Monday, appeared to have been intentionally cut by the time they arrived on Tuesday.

There is a $10,000 reward for information that leads to Elaina current location, those with that information should call 1-800-CALL-FBI.

Tips can also be made anonymously by calling CrimeStoppers at 419-255-1111.