After four decades, new blood to head Toledo teachers union

It's been 44 years since someone other than Dal or Francine Lawrence has been at the head of the Toledo Federation of Teachers union. That long run will come to an end in July when Kevin Dalton will take over leadership of the union.

Dalton will take over the reigns of the organization in a time of turmoil as Toledo Public Schools confronts budget deficits and the union faces the prospect of more layoffs. The situation between the district and its teachers' union became more tense on Tuesday when TFT announced that it was withdrawing from its partnership with the district in the Race to the Top competitive grant. That withdrawal will cost the district $10.8 million.

Lawrence contends that the district ended the partnership when it withdrew from other collaborative efforts.

Dalton will take over in July 2011 and will complete Lawrence's unexpired term which ends in January 2012. The union will then elect a new leader.

Dalton is a first grade teacher at Birmingham Elementary School in east Toledo.