Air Traffic Control Cuts Could Cause Flight Delays, Close Airports

Sequester could affect airports

Unless Congress acts quickly, a series of automatic cuts - called the sequester - will take effect on Friday. Some of the facilities and services that could be hit hard in Ohio include school, public health care, and transportation.

In preparation for the possibility of a budget sequestration, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is making plans to reduce its expenses by roughly $600 million for the rest of the fiscal year. In order to do just that, the FAA is considering eliminating overnight shifts in roughly 70 airports across the country - including Toledo Express.

In addition, over 100 air traffic control towers could be closed completely if the sequester takes place.

In a recent press release, the FAA stated that these cuts could delay flights to major cities due to fewer controllers on staff. They also stated that as airlines estimate the potential impacts of the reductions, they may change schedules and cancel flights.

If the sequester does take effect, the FAA plans to start facility chances and shut downs as early as April.