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      All clear given at Waite High School after threats delay start of day

      All students are back on normal bell schedule at Waite High School in east Toledo after threats were made prior to the start of classes Friday.

      Toledo Police said they received two calls at 6:15 a.m. and 6:31 a.m. Friday alleging a threat against the school.

      Students at the school prior to the start of classes along with students arriving at the school were immediately moved to Mollenkopf football stadium. Authorities searched the fieldhouse and school building for any potential threats before issuing an all-clear and allowing students back in around 9:30 a.m.

      The origin of the call has not been determined and police continue to investigate who is behind the threats.

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      "This is not a prank," Toledo Police Lt. Dave Mueller said Friday. "This is a serious threat and we take these kind of threats seriously. We will investigate and discover who made the calls and they will be prosecuted."

      Lt. Mueller said an investigation into the incident is on-going. "Speaking with one of our investigators, there was another couple of bomb threats in other areas around northwest Ohio, and we're investigating to see whether or not they may be correlated."

      Toledo Public Schools Superintendent Romules Durant voiced his please with how the Waite community handled the disruption. "It's always great to know that certain situations happen that aren't necessarily legit, but the reality is you always have to be prepared for the unexpected," Durant said. "Our students and our staff responded excellently, along with the TPD."