All escaped animals accounted for in Zanesville

Real life Jumanji has ended in Muskingum County.

All of the exotic animals that escaped from the animal preserve in Zanesville have been accounted for.

One monkey remained unaccounted for Wednesday night, but conservationist Jack Hanna, who assisted in the effort, said the animal may have been eaten.

"It looks like everything is taken care of," Hanna said. "There was one monkey left, and right now, we found a carcass of the monkey. We don't know if it was eaten."

In total, the Zanesville sheriff says 56 potentially dangerous animals got loose. 48 of those animals were shot and killed, and have already been buried at the farm. Six of the animals were captured and transported to the Columbus Zoo.

Ohio authorities say their preliminary investigations show owner Terry Thompson pried open the cages of the animals, and then shot himself Tuesday night.

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