Alleged gang war spills into Toledo high school

Toledo Police say they are making a concerted effort to curb gang violence in the city of Toledo.

As Toledo Police focus their efforts on curbing gang violence in the city, authorities say they are now searching for two teens wanted in connection with what is believed to be a gang-related fight inside Scott High School.

According to the Toledo Blade, Traâ??quawn Gibson, 18, and Deandre Smith, 18, both alleged members of the Manor Boys, a gang affiliated with the Moody Manor apartment complex, are wanted on charges of aggravated burglary and assault. Police say the two non-students gained access to the high school after a student let them into a door at Scottâ??s Skill Center along with another male.

Once inside, the student reportedly let the trio into a classroom where they allegedly assaulted another student and threatened a teacher who broke up the fight. The assaulted student is believed to be a member of a rival gang.

Gibson and Smith fled the scene after the incident and had not been arrested as of Friday. Both teens were arrested by police less than three weeks prior outside a Scott vs. Start football game. That incident is said to have involved members of the Manor Boys and the Folk, a South Toledo gang.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of the student, 15, who let the non-students into Scott High School.