Alleged jailhouse confession led to search of river in missing baby Elaina case

Elaina Steinfurth has been missing since June 2.

Newly released information in the search for a missing Toledo toddler point to the girl's mother, who the FBI says may have made a jailhouse confession.

The Toledo Free Press is reporting that the FBI received information from a relative of Angela Steinfurth's cellmate at the Lucas County Jail implicating Steinfurth and Steven King, Steinfurth's now ex-boyfriend.

The inmate, Connie Elam, is said to have been told by Steinfurth that her 18-month-old daughter, Elaina, was thrown against a wall on June 2, the day she went missing. The girl was put down for a nap, but later died from her injuries, according to the Elam's retelling of Angela's "confession." That is when Angela and King took Elaina's body and threw it in the Maumee River, according to Elam.

The information was passed along to the FBI by Jo Beth Adams, a relative of Elam's. "S

he told me they wrapped her up in blanket and took her down by the High Level Bridge," Adams is recorded saying. "And, he (King) stood behind her and she threw this baby in the river."

"This baby's dead...she's in the river," Adams recounted being told by Elam.

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The alleged confession led the FBI to a search of the Maumee. That search has since been called off after divers were not able to retrieve anything in the murky waters.

Steinfurth is being held in the Lucas County Jail on a charge of child endangerment. Elaina was last seen with Steinfurth at the home of King's mother. Toledo Police say Elaina sustained injuries for which the baby's mother did not seek medical treatment, leading to the charge against Steinfurth.

After this story broke, WNWO learned that Elam is also in jail on a charge of child endangerment.