Allergy season is here, take precautions

Those of youthat have been stuffed up lately, suffering from itchy, watery eyes and think it's the common cold, you may want to think again, because it may be allergies.

An allergy test tray at Winder & Associates Inc., located in Sylvania, has labels naming most every allergy in our area, and the allergy season is now here.

"The busy season is starting, any minute now when it gets warm and the trees start pollinating and we'll be busy pretty much until there's a frost," says Nurse Practitioner Melanie Schell.

She says allergies can cause so much pain and discomfort, they can completely disrupt the lives of those who suffer from them, making it difficult to concentrate or even do your job.

Medical professionals recommend using saline rinses or saline irrigation because it can trick your nose into thinking that its normal.

Some people may not even know they have allergies until they are finally checked out.

Schell says, "Somebody finds out that the reason for those colds every Spring was actually nasal allergies, and there are medications and allergy shots and different things that they can do."

She says it's a relief when people understand the problem and are able to treat it accordingly.

Allergy season with weather changes also goes hand in hand with sinus problems.

"When there is rain, the barometric pressure is changing and people who have sinus problems often experience headaches and face pains and pressure," explains Schell.

Sinus problems can be equally detrimental as any allergy, but can be treated by similar means.

If you think you may have allergies, testing is as easy as a blood test or skin prick, and may save you a lot of aggrevation and pain in the near future.