Amputee gets Thanksgiving dinner at UTMC

Nine years ago, Anthony Taylor was in a horrible car accident.

"Aorta was torn. Pelvis was crushed. Liver was punctured," says Taylor, as the 28 year old lay in a hospital bed on Thanksgiving day.

Anthony's mother remembers him barely clinging to life.

"It was a touch and go situation with him. And we didn't think he was going to make it. But he did," says Deborah Adeyemy, recalling the car crash that almost ended her son's life.

But since then, Anthony says he's been at the hospital just as much as he's been at home. He says he's grown close with the staff at the University of Toledo Medical Center over the years.

"[Been here] so many times I've lost count. I pretty much hold the record for surgeries here," he says.

After a 14 hour surgery the week before Thanksgiving, where doctors amputated his left leg, he found out he wouldn't make it home for thanksgiving.

Anthony recalls, "That's when I called my mom and said we gotta figure something out. Because I don't want to spend the holiday by myself."

So his mom, with some help from the UTMC staff, brought Thanksgiving dinner, and Anthony's entire family, to the hospital.

"I told him, just because your not at home, we're gonna be with you. and here we are," said Deborah.

She says her son has been an inspiration. And there was no way he was going to be left alone on this day.

She says, "I am just so proud of him. He is our hero. He is our hero."

And while Anthony still has a long road of recovery after this most recent surgery, he has one simple wish for the rest of 2012.

"Honestly want to be a gift to my mom and family and be home for Christmas. To be able to spend Christmas with them," says Anthony.

But for Thanksgiving day, Anthony says he needs only his family, and the most basics for the day of giving thanks.

He says, "Just spending time with them. Enjoying their company. Good eating and some football."